Wednesday 17 August at 21.00 pm: "China-Taiwan: is the showdown near?"


The tension of recent months in the Strait of Formosa has set new records. The visit of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, was considered an intolerable affront by the Beijing government. In retaliation, massive military exercises have been launched around the island. In response, less than two weeks after the previous institutional visit, five other US parliamentarians came to visit ...

The People's Republic of China (China) has never accepted the independence of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Beijing daydreams of reconquest. However, the small island could prove to be a poisoned morsel for the dragon. Its president knows this and who has a war on his agenda to prevent the "five-star red flag" (the name of the banner of Communist China) from dominating the entire globe as well ...

Could the Republic of China (Taiwan) have the same international support as Ukraine in the event of aggression or would the excessive economic power of the People's Republic of China dissuade most countries from intervening?

Once the hypothetical war has begun, how long will political and social stability in China last after the effects of sanctions, embargoes and the loss of the world market?

We will address - live - these and other questions Wednesday 17 August at 21.00 pm to the Taipei ambassador to Italy, Andrea Sing-Ying LEE.

Take part, we are waiting for you!

Photo: Xinhua