Wednesday 15 at 21.00 "Tactical maneuvering and Russian robotization in the war in Ukraine"


The use of terrestrial robotic systems by the Army of the Russian Federation in the war in Ukraine has been a reality for longer than one might believe.

Open sources, with particular reference to the study conducted by Center for Naval Analyzes in the United States, indicate to us that Russia had already begun “concept testing” for the use of robotic systems in Syria, and has implemented, from the early stages of the Campaign in Ukraine, the “operational experimentation”.

Even if the use has so far taken place at the minimum tactical levels (platoon/company), with an initial overestimation of the resolving capacity, the undoubted advantages of saturating large spaces of land and the lengthening of the engagement depth are indicating the willingness of the Russian Federation to continue the development of the projects, with the entry into the Theater of an increasingly large number of robotic vehicles and the possibility of inserting them into the command and control of the higher level units.

What impact did they have on the maneuver?

At the national level, is an urgent reflection required?

How can efforts to accelerate rapid “concept testing” for our robotic systems be accelerated?

Thanks to Army Study Center, Wednesday 15 February at 21.00 we will try to analyze a crucial theme for understanding the ongoing WAR and its (inevitable) future development.

See you there!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD