Wednesday 14 at 21.00 "The genocides of the People's Republic of China"


Tibetans and Uighurs are one of the 54 "ethnic minorities" that make up the variegated mosaic of the People's Republic of China.

Despite the Chinese constitution provides protections and wide autonomies in the religious, cultural and social fields, Xinjiang and Tibet have for decades been the scene of brutal repression, severe limitations and widespread control of religious, linguistic and cultural freedom that in Tibet alone has led to more than 160 people setting themselves on fire and dying in protest against the Beijing regime.

With Dolkun Isa, leader ofInternational Uighur Congress, Tseten Longhini, president of the Tibetan Community in Italy, Claudius Cardelli president of the Italy-Tibet Association, Stephen Dallari, president of the House of Tibet, Mark Rejected, managing director of Bitterwinter, e Piero Verni, president of Heritage of Tibet, we will make an excursus on the current situation of these two realities that remain among the most painful and embarrassing nerves in China today.

We are waiting for you Wednesday 14 September at 21.00 pm (along with your questions) on the Defense Online social channels (Facebook and YouTube).

Photo: MoD People's Republic of China