Wednesday 1 June at 21.00 pm "Centro Studi Esercito, the think tank of the terrestrial military component"


The Army Study Center has reached its fourth year of activity. Think Tank reference of the terrestrial military component, it produces independent analyzes and studies in favor of the armed force, defense companies and political decision-makers.

Wednesday 1 June at 21.00 pm, we will host some members of the Army Study Center (general Salvatore Farina, general Carmelo Cutropia, general Antonio Venci), in a new appointment with Difesa ON AIR (Difesa Online Facebook and YouTube channels).

Themes of the episode:

The evolution of reconnaissance, also in the light of the first impressions emerging from the Ukrainian conflict

What does "Mission Command" mean?

What are Private Military Companies and what role do they play?

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Image: Twitter