Memorial Day USA 2023 at the Sicily American cemetery in Nettuno: "Memories are individual, Memory is a collective fact!"


Nettuno (RM), 27 May 2023 - Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago attended the commemoration ceremony of the Memorial Day 2023 at the Sicily American cemetery in Nettuno.

In his speech during the ceremony, he shared the spirit of international aggregation in honoring the memory of those who, in every time, place or context of employment, have fallen or been lost out of fidelity to an ideal of service.

“Looking at these nearly 8000 headstones” stated Undersecretary Perego "and to the equally powerful emotional avalanche of over 3000 names engraved on the memorial of those who unfortunately have not even found burial, it is natural first of all to bow down, all together, in solidarity".

“All of us present here” continued Perego “Veterans, friends from overseas, young and old, let us commit ourselves to honoring the memory of the fallen and missing by commemorating their sacrifice, valor, smiles, emotions and humanity. Giving our contribution in bringing these reflections and these teachings also outside this Kennedy square and all the burial places of land and sea, so that the nightmare of war, of reprisals, of oppression, never fades in our minds , but remain a warning for the future!”

“Because, while memories are individual, Memory is a collective fact. Memory is a full, authentic and unifying act! It is the way we search for our collective identity; united by common values ​​and a common feeling, which for us mean Freedom, Democracy, Equality and Justice!” - concluded the undersecretary.