Tuesday 17 at 21.00 Defense ON AIR: "Has everything been told about the assault on the buildings of Brazilian institutions?"


In Brazil, on Sunday 8 January, thousands of supporters of former President Bolsonaro raided the seats of parliament, the supreme court and the presidential residence.

The story appeared simple: the resistance of a politician who does not want to admit defeat, the coincidence after a year with the similar episode in the United States, the order that - albeit belatedly and after serious damage - is restored with the intervention of the police forces.

However ...

Has everything been told and do you listen to all the voices?

Are the tensions in Brazil (as elsewhere...) only about politics or do they represent something potentially disruptive at a social level?

Wasn't the epilogue easily foreseeable by the demonstrators?

Are there other aspects, perhaps more profound, that escape the analyzes of those who live 9000 kilometers away?

We discuss it Tuesday 17 January at 21.00 pm together with:

Gianpiero Spinelli - former paratrooper of the thunderbolt, U.S. DoD Military & Security Contractor. From 2005 to today Advisor & Instructor of the Brazilian Police and Armed Forces

John Giacalone - Islamic extremism expert, coordinator of the "Latin America group" for the International Team for the Study of Security-ITSS and analyst at the Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues and Managing Emergencies-ITSTIME of the Catholic University in Milan

João Sansone - executive director of COP Internacional / ABIAMBE (Associação Brasileira dos importadores de Material Bélico)

See you there!

Photo: Agencia Brasil