Monday 27 May at 21.00 pm "Ukraine-Russia: who (really) loses?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

In recent months, the war in Ukraine has seen fighting escalate, particularly in the Kharkiv region, where Russian forces have regained the initiative. Ukrainian troops appear to be resisting with difficulty, especially in Bakhmut, and have admitted Russian advances.

At an international level there has been a strengthening of sanctions against Russia, with the G7 reaffirming its commitment against Moscow. China, meanwhile, continues to profit from and strengthen its ties with Russia, showing public support for the Kremlin.

What is the real situation on the ground and on the map in this third year of war?

Do our local "fans" and the prevailing propaganda help us understand that there is not and never will be a winner (among the parties directly involved)?

Can any changes be envisaged in the near future?

Have we finally understood that, even when the conflict is over or suspended, the world will never go back?

We discuss it Monday 27 May at 21.00 pm together with the general Luigi Chiapperini, author of "The conflict in Ukraine - Too serious for some generals but especially for certain politicians""Dying for Bakhmut".

See you there!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD