Monday 25 November 2019: "Strategies to combat illegal immigration"

(To Albania News)

The Mediterranean Sea must be the center of our national interest and the direction in which the Italian politics of the future will look. This attention to our "southern shore" is nothing new, given the country's geopolitical vocation, but has now become an urgency since, with the fall of the Gaddafi regime, millions of Africans hope to reach Europe through Libya.

The other great geographical area to which the government of Rome, whatever its political color, will have to look with concern is instead that of the Balkans. The problem here is not only that of migrations, for now blocked by a blackmailing and unreliable partner like Erdogan's Turkey, but above all that of the countries that hope to become part of the European Union, like Albania, which are experimenting without our knowledge a new political and religious radicalization.

On these major themes, Defense Online, together with the Study Center of Fratelli d'Italia, will organize a round table next Monday (25 November), with the participation of experts and scholars on the topic. What we will try to understand is whether it is appropriate or not to engage our country more in the Balkans and especially in the Mediterranean, and what are the diplomatic or political instruments at our disposal. The difficulties of a greater Italian protagonism are manifold and most of these pass through contrasts with supranational institutions, such as the European Union, or international ones, such as the United Nations, whose plans do not always seem to match the strategies implemented by our governments.

Within the Mediterranean discourse, therefore, wider reasoning opens up which inevitably leads us to question ourselves as to what Italy's place in Europe and in the international scenario is.

This meeting will be only the first of a series that Online Defense is organizing to explore with its readers, the press, and enthusiasts the themes that are most dear to the magazine.

We invite you to join us and participate!