Monday 13 at 18.00: "Interview with the former Minister of Defense (and much more) Roberta Pinotti"


Something unexpected happened on February 24 of last year: a (new) war on the edge of Europe. Long, with missions of peacekeeping, articles 11 of the constitution, the "politically correct" and more ..., we are not used to taking seriously the possibility of an event of this magnitude.

It is an epochal change and we must resign ourselves: there is no turning back! Certainly not with regard to a European "pacifist" soul, but with regard to the tools and posture necessary to achieve and maintain peace.

In Italy, one of the political protagonists of Defense during the last three decades has been Roberta Pinotti: Chairman of the Defense Committee (Chamber), Undersecretary of Defense, Minister of Defense and again Chairman of the Defense Committee (Senate).

We will retrace with her the years spent in via XX Settembre (and surroundings) trying to understand what the urgencies in Defense are today in order to prepare ourselves for the new challenge, the current importance of a White Paper, the possible conversion of armed peacekeeping forces into actually - and not "rhetorically" - fighting forces, and whether politics (in case of conflict) can suspend hostilities.

We will do it Monday 13 at 18.00 in a new episode of "Difesa ON AIR" (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels of Online Defense).

See you there!

Photo: Ministry of Defense