The importance of disclosure in the digital society

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

This year together with some friends we have created a social promotion association called "Italian Society for the development of cyber culture and new technologies" whose purpose is to promote the culture of new technologies and intelligence in favor of Italian society, through webinars, online or face-to-face courses, conferences, the creation or financing of a team for participation in sector competitions , participation in national and international conferences, lessons at schools of all levels, with the aim of bringing young people closer to the major sector (information on the SICYNT website).

The next conference will be an opportunity to finally meet in person and explore different topics, in the simplest way possible and from different points of view, with experts in new technologies.

I am pleased to invite anyone interested - and especially young people - to participate in the event to be held Saturday 24 September at Room 1 - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Cagliari in via Is Maglias 196 in Cagliari.

The event is price quotation and participation for the morning is open to all, upon registration on the site: 

The Importance of Disclosure in the Digital Society Tickets, Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

It is also possible to follow the event via the web this link.