"The threats of invasion by Communist China in Taiwan: we interview the ambassador of Taipei in Italy"

(To Staff)

The Chinese sword of Damocles is not a recent news story, it is history. Since 1949, the rift between two territories, souls and political philosophies of China has led to continuous tensions, threats and even passages to hard ways which, however, have seen the formidable island of Taiwan resist stubbornly.

The People's Republic of China has never accepted the reality: what it indicates as the "separatist province of Taiwan" is an independent country.

Are the economic, diplomatic and military development of Communist China, coupled with (apparent) less security in US protection in the event of an attack, increasing the temptation to dare to reunify?

Is a lone Taiwanese resistance viable for long?

Could the new “porcupine” defense doctrine change Chinese invasion plans or strategies?

Will there be a war? And, if so, at what price?

We will address our questions live Wednesday 8 December at 21.00 pm to the Taipei ambassador to Italy, Andrea Sing-Ying LEE.

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Photo: Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China