The historic ANPd'I section of Tarquinia remembers the Capaci massacre

(To Staff)

It took place yesterday, in Tarquinia, in front of the monument dedicated to the paratroopers, by the local section of theNational Paratroopers Association of Italy, the commemoration ceremony of the Capaci massacre, which took place on May 23, 1992.

After the memory of the victims who, following that cowardly terrorist-mafia attack, lost their lives (judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife, Francesca Morvillo, the escort agents, Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro, as well as those who were injured there, including agents Paolo Capuzza, Angelo Corbo, Gaspare Cervello and the judicial driver Giuseppe Costanza), the flag was raised.

This was followed by the laying of a wreath of flowers in their honor and a brief speech by the president of the aforementioned (section), Giulio Maria Ciurluini: "We are here to commemorate the heroes, the fighters, the servants of the State. Their values ​​are ours, and we must look at them by example. At that moment, Falcone and his team were almost surrounded, engaged in a fight that was well he could define, in many respects, unequal, just like our soldiers in El Alamein. Despite this, they went on, aware of what would obviously happen to them. They did not bow, but they died for all of us. Honor! "