War with China: an inevitable but postponable appointment?

(To Staff)

The diplomatic conflict between the two major superpowers on the planet is now on the agenda. On both sides, it is a succession of initiatives aimed at limiting - economically, diplomatically or, as in the case of the China Sea, militarily - the adversary, with the result that the tension continues to increase.

Since 2012, the date of appointment of Xi Jinping, the country has undergone an acceleration, not so much on the economic level, which has continued unabated for decades, but on that of the "re-foundation" of the state and especially of the military apparatus.

How did the action of the Chinese president develop?

How long will we continue to export machinery and technology to China?

China has been occupying Tibet for years. Why is the Chinese presence in the region illegitimate?

What is the current danger of a war confrontation with the USA?

Wednesday 7 April we will discuss it at 21.00 pm live on Difesa ON AIR (via YouTube and Facebook).


Antonio Selvatici (journalist, writer, lecturer at the "Master of Economic Intelligence" at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and at the post-graduate postgraduate course in "Intelligence and National Security" at the University of Florence)

Claudius Cardelli (documentary maker, reporter, writer, president of the Italy-Tibet Association)

Antonio Vecchio (journalist, has been following the geopolitical dynamics of China and the digital revolution for some time)

Photo: Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China