Innovation Cybersecurity Summit


The "Innovation Cybersecurity Summit" will be held on Thursday 28 April from 9:00 to 15:00, held at the Hall of Honor of Palazzo Ferrajoli, created and promoted by ANGI National Association of Young Innovators, a reference point for innovation which, for this important opportunity to meet and discuss the issues of innovation and cybersecurity, involved the major institutional, corporate and academic authorities.

The event will see the intervention of the following authorities: Federico D'Incà, Minister for Relations with Parliament; Giorgio Mulè, undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense; Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Chief of Defense Staff; Nunzia Ciardi, Deputy Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency; Alessandra Guidi, Deputy Director General of DIS - Security Information Department; Adolfo Urso president of Copasir; Federico Mollicone, representative of the Parliamentary Innovation Intergroup.

In bringing their testimony, in terms of technologies and investments, some of the leading cybersecurity experts will intervene on the companies side, including: Tim Group and Telsy Spa; Leonardo Spa; Accenture; Oracle Corporation; SOCYB (Italpol Cybersecurity Company); Cybersec beeps.

Finally, from the start-up world and from technical-scientific representatives will take part: Andrea Toponi, Cyber ​​Angels; Roberto Camerinesi, Cyber ​​Evolution; Hassan Metwalley, Hermes; Lorenzo Bacciottini, Quantum Computer Engineer; Michele Colajanni, professor at the University of Bologna; Isabella Corradini, scientific director of Themis Research Center; Ilaria De Luca, Privacy & DPO consultant lawyer; Selene Giupponi, managing Director EU Security Inc & Women4Cyber ​​Board Member; Martina Castiglioni, Cyber ​​4.0 Training & Orientation Manager.

Gabriele Ferrieri, president of ANGI, coordinated the work; Carlo Prosperi, member of the ANGI Scientific Committee and Paolo Trebisonda, head of the ANGI cyber department.