Thursday 9 at 21.00 "Legionnaire life - An Italian in the Foreign Legion"


An unusual life choice told live: it is the decision to embrace the cause of the Foreign Legion that is told in this sui generis autobiographical novel, through the journey of a man, an Italian, in the French military force. It is here that the story of the legionnaire Perrini, alias Danilo Pagliaro, takes place, on the one hand facing the hardships and risks to which the "men without a past" are subjected, on the other trying to preserve what was most dear to them outside the military life.

Not a mere autobiography, nor a memoir of war: "Legionnaire's life" is the story of the first encounter with love, death, abandonment, solidarity, brotherhood. An entire existence devoted to the legendary uniform of the Foreign Legion.

Thursday 9 March at 21.00, in a new episode of ON AIR defense, we will meet Daniel Pagliaro to listen to the protagonist of this experience shared with the public through the pages of the book.

We will also try to gather evaluations on the ongoing conflict at the gates of Europe...

We are waiting for you!