Thursday 14 November at Fiera Milano (Rho) a conference with top civil and military experts in the fight against hostile drones

(To Mediarkè)

The alarm for drones in flight on prohibited areas is growing, starting from the airports, but also on historical city centers, barracks, prisons or major events such as concerts and public events. In Italy alone, tens of thousands of small multi-rotor drones have been sold in recent years, especially for amateur use. And interference with a landing aircraft or unauthorized overflight is increasingly likely. Sophisticated systems are therefore spreading throughout the world and also in Italy, capable of detecting potential dangerous drones from a distance and blocking their flight, rendering them harmless.

The most recent technological solutions on the market will be presented at the conference "When danger comes from heaven", which will take place on Thursday 14 November as part of the “SICUREZZA 2019” fair, a leading event in Italy and among the first in Europe in the security & fire sectors, scheduled at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 13 to 15 November next.

"It will be the most important appointment in recent years in Italy in the sector of antidrone systems"said organizer Luciano Castro, "And will allow to take stock of a technology destined to spread rapidly to guarantee the safety of sensitive areas".

According to the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV), in Italy in 2018 there were 60 reports of interference in flight between small radio-controlled drones and airplanes or helicopters with pilot on board, a figure in net growth compared to the 46 reports of 2017. The airports have proved to be particularly helpless, so much so that the presence of drones in the vicinity of the airport has practically blocked important airports such as Gatwick (GB), Frankfurt (Germany), Dubai (EAU) and also Milan Malpensa and Cagliari Elmas, with considerable delays for passengers and economic damages for airport management companies and airlines. Not infrequently, moreover, Italian enthusiasts or foreign tourists are stopped by police forces in big cities like Rome or Milan for having flown with their drone to make videos in forbidden areas such as the Colosseum or the Duomo.

The conference "When the danger comes from the sky", organized by Mediarkè in collaboration with "SICUREZZA 2019", will see the presence of the leading Italian civil and military experts in the field of antidrone systems. First and foremost will be Army and Air Force officers, who have already created specialized departments in the fight against hostile drones. Representatives from Aeroporti di Roma, management companies of important airports such as Fiumicino and Ciampino, and companies such as Leonardo, Elettronica, IDS, SkySafe, Log.In, The Edge Company and Tekne will also participate.

As part of the fair, the collective "SAFETY Drone Expo" will also be organized, which will gather some companies and associations active in the field of drones for security.

The conference will take place Thursday 14 November (from 11) at the Giove hall, 10 pavilion, at Fiera Milano (Rho). Participation is free for visitors to "SECURITY" and the contemporary fair "Smart Building Expo".

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