Thursday 13 at 21.00 "War in Ukraine: interview with former Army Chief of Staff, General Salvatore Farina"


"We will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus!", "We have weapons capable of wiping out even the USA!", "Kiev is running out of ammunition from its air defenses", not to mention the announced and postponed counter-offensives...

What scenarios are opening up today in Ukraine?

When will a path to conflict resolution be possible?

Will the requirements for lasting peace or "non-aggression" ever be defined?

On the battlefield where did the Doctrine and the fundamental rules go?

Are we sure that we are dealing with a real "hybrid war" and not amateurs playing with fire?

Why, after having spent half a century in the Cold War, more or less at peace but with a looming nuclear threat, do we today let ourselves be so influenced by fear?

we ask Thursday 13 at 21.00 to the former Army Chief of Staff, General Salvatore Farina.

We are waiting for you (with your questions)!