Thursday 1 June at 21.00 "Artificial Intelligence: we are the little monkey..."


“Whoever develops the best artificial intelligence will own the world” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (2017)

Perhaps the extent of what awaits us is not clear, it is probably something so overexposed in the media that its real contours are now lost. We are on the eve of a revolutionary step for humanity that will determine its future: AI will soon dominate our lives and the world.

The dilemmas that we must ask ourselves are enormous and, unfortunately, puerile rituals and regulatory principles will not be enough to save us because - as in the next battlefields - whoever limits their artificial intelligence will have already lost.

But what is artificial intelligence?

What is its current evolution?

What will become of quantum computers once they are available?

What will the planet be like after its definitive global and capillary advent?

We discuss it Thursday 1 June at 21.00 pm with Andrew Castellanocybersecurity leader of Cisco Italy.

See you there!

Photo: National Zoo, Washington DC