Sunday 5 February at 18.00 Defense ON AIR: "A revolution in urban combat?"


Vicente Ancona has 30 years of service in the GER (Grupo Especial de Reação do DOPE da PCSP. Operações Táticas Especiais), the most important SWAT unit of the Civil Police of the State of São Paulo.

Director of training of the GER and lecturer at the Police Academy of the State of São Paulo, he has instructed the most important special units of the Brazilian police including the BOPE of Rio de Janeiro, various SWAT units in the USA. He has participated in various trainings regarding anti- and counter-terrorism operations with the US ATAP (Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program).

Currently his methodology and doctrine on urban combat denominated APR, according to specialists from various parts of the world represents a revolution in the current concepts of urban combat. To learn more about the characteristics and criticalities of a real hell - combat in urban areas - Sunday 5 February at 18.00 we connect with Vicente Ancona to understand his proposal (currently under evaluation at various American training facilities within the USSOCOM).

See you there!