Sunday 29 January at 18.00 "CORE: the special unit of the Brazilian Civil Police in the (daily) war against drug trafficking"


The "Coordenadoria de Recursos Speciais” (Special Resources Coordination), better known by its acronym CORE, is the tactical unit of the civilian police of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
It has armored vehicles, popularly known as caveirões, mainly used in operations where a conflict with drug traffickers is likely. The main purpose of these means is to protect agents and destroy the barriers used by drug traffickers.

Flight (helicopter) and ground (armored) assets are also essential for rescuing trapped police units and evacuating wounded from clashes.

Sunday 29 January at 18.00, in a new episode of "Difesa ON AIR", we will discover the history, the activity and the unique characteristics of this department together with:

Fabricio Oliveira - Delegado Coordenador da Coordenadoria de Recursos Spesiais - CORE Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

João Sansone - executive director of COP Internacional / ABIAMBE (Associação Brasileira dos importadores de Material Bélico). Organizer of the W2C the most important international event on urban combat issues.

Gianpiero Spinelli - former Folgore paratrooper, US DoD Military & Security Contractor. From 2005 to today Advisor & Instructor of the Brazilian Police and Armed Forces

See you there!

Photo: Instagram