Sunday 15th at 16.30 pm Defense ON AIR: "The war has emptied NATO depots. What if it were a trap?"


Almost a year later, the conflict in Ukrainian continues to be treated lightly, detached or - worse - "presbyopia". We are always ready to send armaments (secreting Pulcinella secrets) and to reserve 2/3 of the funds of the financial maneuver for the consequences of the conflict... but very little (or nothing) to solve the chronic deficiencies of our Defense.

“NATO allies and EU member states depleted their stockpiles of weapons to provide support to Ukraine, but it was the right thing to do” - shouldn't the recent words of NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg make your blood run cold?

What other worries should deprive you of sleep but seem to go unanswered?

In the face of as many as 6 "aid packages" to Ukraine, how many have compensated for the endowments of the already battered Italian armed forces?

We discuss it Sunday 15th at 16.30pm with the general Giuseppe Morabito, a founding member of the Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs (IGSDA) and a member of the Board of Directors of the NATO Defense College Foundation (NDCF).

See you there!

Photo: US DoD