ON AIR Defense (tonight at 21.00 pm) "Submarines: formidable instruments of peace and war of the past, present and future?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

There are numerous mottos of the submarines that have crossed the waves or of the submarines that cross the waters; of the Todaro, belonging to the homonymous class, the most recent in service in our Navy, we can mention "To dare the inosable", but it is from an old steel colleague, the Narwhal, which I want to report the password: "Silenter sub undis victoriam parat" (Under the waves, silently prepare for victory).

Almost invisible tools during operations, we will try to "bring them to the surface" to understand their value.

Is diving still a fundamental weapon?

How have the assets evolved since the birth of the first submarines?

Why does Defense have to (should) invest in such sophisticated and expensive instruments?

What is the volume of the international market and Italy's place in underwater vehicles?

We'll talk about it tonight at 21.00 in a new installment of ON AIR defense together with Gaius Mussolini, former submarine commander of the Navy, now in service at a well-known company of minisubmarines and underwater technologies.

Photo: Marina Military