Defense ON AIR (tonight at 21.00 pm): "Initiative, the spirit of the battlefield respecting the mission"

(To Staff)

L'Initiative, at all hierarchical levels (in compliance with the purpose of an action), it is always winning. In military doctrine, "Mission Command" is defined as "decentralized command": it is a command and control process which - within the limits of the assigned 'mission' - attributes initiative to subordinate commanders. It implies clearly formulated orders of purposes, also non-binding of the "how" the action must be carried out and with specific organizational arrangements, as adequate reserves to support the unexpected success, if it arises due to the intelligent initiative taken on the field by a sub-order commander.

The process derives from the need to give dynamism to a maneuver for an analogous OODA (concatenation of observation, orientation, decision and action) of the opponent, so as to beat him over time, gradually limit him and defeat him.

When was the “tactics per assignment” theorized and applied?

Is the initiative today finally at the foundation of the Italian military doctrine?

Will technological evolution lead to an increase or decrease in this capacity?

Have operational experiences rewarded the introduction of this "freedom" at all hierarchical levels?

We'll talk about it tonight at 21.00 live at "ON AIR defense"with the general ca Antonio Venci and the general d. Luigi Scollo.

Follow us and participate with your questions!

Photo: US Army