Defense ON AIR (THIS EVENING at 21.00 pm): "The drones of the Italian Air Force"

(To Staff)

Recent operational scenarios have highlighted an increasing use of unmanned weapon systems. UAVs are nothing new for the Air Force which, among the Western air forces, has achieved a high degree of efficiency. However, from an operational point of view, the AM uses its UAVs only for ISR missions, while other countries also use them in armed configurations. For some years the Congress has given the green light to be able to arm our Predators, currently in service at the 32nd wing ...

What is the status of the introduction of these capabilities?

Would a strategically capable UCAV benefit our defense?

The piloting of our unmanned assets is now possible from the Motherland. Are there still conditions or limits that impose it in the theater?

What has been done over the years to make drone piloting less "cold" and "detached"?

How have riders' motivation and preparation evolved over time?

Has cinematography in general done justice or vilified the figure of UAV / UCAV pilots?

In Afghanistan, the roar of the AMX has often protected soldiers on the ground. Can something similar be done with drones?

We talk about it THIS EVENING at 21.00 pm, in a new live broadcast by Difesa ON AIR. We will ask these and other questions (including yours) to two flight group commanders serving in the Arma Azzurra.

See you there!

Images: Air Force / US Air Force