ON AIR Defense (THIS EVENING at 21.00 pm) "Afghanistan: 20 years wasted?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

20 years after the beginning of an international commitment to reconstruction comes the announcement of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

There have been several missions (Enduring Freedom, ISAF, Resolute Support) in which Italy has contributed with personnel, means and blood.

The country seems anything but pacified, what will happen in the coming years in that tortured and extraordinary corner of Asia?

What were the premises and the hopes? What are the results?

Who today speaks of "Afghan people" has deepened their knowledge of Afghanistan by watching "Rambo 3"?

While arguing for undeserved appropriation of a highly questionable political success, do we keep in mind the number and value of our fallen?

We will discuss it Wednesday 21 at 21.00 in a new episode of "Defense ON AIR" together with three officers who in different periods have served in Afghanistan: the general Bertolini, the general Li Gobbi and the general Chiapperini. The Hon. Perego of Cremnago, member of the Defense Commission of the House, recently returned from a visit to our soldiers in Herat.

Follow us and participate with your questions!

Photo: NATO