ON AIR Defense (Wednesday 9 at 21.00) "Israel: War and Guardians of the Walls"

(To Staff)

After the elections last March (which did not give a stable majority), the State of Israel found itself once again having to defend itself from the missile attacks of the Hamas militiamen, supported by Iran ...

Le Israel Defense Forces have they managed to adequately protect the population?

What is the budget of the operation Guardians of the Walls?

How will the new executive hold political?

What policy will the new executive adopt towards Hamas and Hezbollah?

What will relations with Iran be like?

What to expect from the Biden administration?

We'll talk about it Wednesday 9 at 21.00 in a new live broadcast by ON AIR defense.


- dr Ely Karmon (political scientist, researcher at the ICT International Institute for Combating Terrorism and the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the IDC Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel)

- on. Alberto Pagani (Defense commission)

- on. Matteo Perego of Cremnago (Defense commission)

Photo: IDF