Defense ON AIR (WEDNESDAY 31 AT 21.00) "Israel: Iran, the Abrahamic Agreements and the new challenges"

(To Staff)

The elections in Israel have just ended, the fourth in two years. The first party appears to be the Likud of outgoing Prime Minister Netanyahu, with 30 seats. The extreme Right has totaled 22 seats. However, nine seats are missing to reach an absolute majority of 61. An alliance with Yamina (7 seats) and the Arab party Ra'am (4 seats) will therefore be necessary if new elections are not to be held.

Wednesday 31 March at 21.00 pm we will discuss the present and the future of a small country on a geographical level but with enormous weight in a geopolitical key.

Among the points we will address:

- Military intervention against Iran: is a 1981 Operation Opera-style attack on Tehran's nuclear plants militarily (and politically) feasible?

- Is the use of drones the way forward in asymmetrical contexts?

- What will US-Israel relations be post Trump?

- Will the EU, in the near future, be able to play a greater political role in the Middle East context?


- dr Eli Karmon (political scientist, researcher at the ICT International Institute for Combating Terrorism and the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the IDC Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel)

- Hon. Anna Cinzia Bonfrisco (MEP, member of the Foreign Affairs Commission - Defense and Security Subcommittee, Budget Commission, Delegation for relations with Israel)

- prof. Nicola neri (Professor of History and Institutions of the Americas, University of Bari)

Photo: IDF