Defense ON AIR (Wednesday 28th at 21.00): "Fires in the east. Italian farewell to the Mediterranean?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

According to international sources, the US (and NATO ...) have sanctioned full support for Turkey in Libya with a confidential agreement. The only request is the withdrawal of the "Syrian" cutthroats from the country. The US would also have given a mandate to Turkey to counter Russia and Wagner with bases, advisers, troops and drones, in coordination with NATO.

The Turkish defense minister, Hulusi Akar and his navy commander (Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri), Admiral Adnan Ozbal, would have met a few days ago in Istanbul with the commander of theAllied Joint Force Command of Naples, Admiral Robert Burke, and the US Ambassador to Turkey, David Satterfield, to define the agreement ... If these news are confirmed, Libya too - after Cyprus, Somalia, northern Syria, Azerbaijan and (shortly ) Afghanistan - will enter the New Ottoman Empire.

What will it be (fearsome previa protest notes della Farnesina) the next Italian resignation? To Sicily or Sardinia?

We will discuss it Wednesday 28 at 21.00 in a new live broadcast by ON AIR defense.

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Photo: US Army