ON AIR Defense (Wednesday 27th at 21.00): "The Italian Special Forces". General Marco Bertolini was a guest

(To Andrea Cucco)

They are elite units that represent the best that our armed forces can deliver. Appreciated all over the globe, in Italy their function is not always fully understood.

Does it make sense to brag about excellence when there are no funds to maintain decent training for all departments?

Is it logical to ask for special forces to intervene when the "job" could be done by good, well-equipped and trained soldiers?

But let's go in order: who are they and above all ... what are they for?

We ask the former brigade commander thunderbolt, of the COFS (Joint Forces Command for Special Forces Operations) and of the COI (Joint Operation Command), an officer who among the experts needs no introduction: General Marco Bertolini.

Wednesday 27 at 21.00 on "Difesa ON AIR"

Photo: Ministry of Defense