Defense ON AIR (Wednesday 16 at 21.00) "Italy blindfolded: final farewell to reporters on the field?"

(To Staff)

For years, field reports have been counted with a dropper. The consequences frequently manifest themselves in incorrect strategies and positions taken by national decision makers. We remember in fact how for the same Intelligence the "open sources" are fundamental (see OSINT) ...

In times of social media, why should field stories be even more important?

Without sharp images of operational areas and theaters can a minister avoid tweeting nonsense?

When and why did the decline begin?

Why is the collection of information worth much more abroad than in Italy?

How can you intervene?

We'll talk about it Wednesday 16 June at 21.00 pm live on Difesa ON AIR with Lorenzo Cremona a conflict veteran of the past 40 years.

As always, actively participate with your questions. See you there!

Photo: US DoD