ON AIR Defense (Wednesday 15 at 21.00) "Special Forces: interview with General Roberto Vannacci"

(To Andrea Cucco)

They represent a military elite with many nuances, small and macroscopic. They are not known to the public except grossly and indirectly through films or propaganda. Let's talk about Special forces.

We asked and obtained (after a quarter) to interview a voice independent of the Italian Army: the general Roberto Vannacci.

At home at the IX ° Col Moschin since wearing the uniform, he has undergone numerous command and operational experiences that make him one of the most authoritative figures in the field.

We mention a few: first commander of the Task Force 45 (2006), Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the COFS (2010-11), commander With Moschin (2011-13), chief of staff of the FS NATO command in Afghanistan (2013-14).

We interview him to shed light and focus on a "misunderstood" world, sometimes, even by some insiders ...


- Hon. Matteo Perego of Cremnago (Chamber Defense commission)

- dr. Tiziano Ciocchetti (Head of Online Defense "military world" area)

Photo: US DoD