Defense ON AIR: "interview with the winning team of 2021"

(To Staff)

Wednesday 21 July at 12.00 we interview the UniCA team of the University of Cagliari, winner of the national final of the training program.

The program, sponsored by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Defense, aims to train the best young talents in the field of cyber security (aged between 16 and 23 years) through a three-month course on various topics in the field of IT security (cryptography, web and software security, etc.), which can be accessed at the end of a tough selection (throughout Italy, around 600 students out of almost 5000 enrolled were admitted). The program took place in 31 universities and two military academies.

At the end of the training, a final was held among the six best boys selected from each location, won precisely by the University of Cagliari. The team was trained by prof. Davide Maiorca (Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and is made up of five university students and one high school student:

Fabio Marotta (Degree Course in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering)
Marcello Carboni (Degree in Computer Science)
Filippo Mereu (Degree in Computer Science)
Davide Murru (Degree in Computer Science)
Giovanni Manca (Master of Science in Computer Engineering, CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence)
Riccardo Sulis (IIS "Dionigi Scano", Cagliari)

Participate as always live with your questions!