ON AIR Defense: "the future of armored vehicles"

(To Staff)

The multinational exercise has just ended Combined Resolve in Germany, which was attended by a contingent of the 132nd Armored Brigade Ram: "an opportunity to train the heavy component of the large armored combat unit in dynamic activities with the use of MILES simulation systems, as well as to exercise, in the planning and conduct phases, the logistical capabilities of handling and deployment of military assets in the operating theater. " (v.articolo)

What is the heavy component of our Army?

Which departments are part of it?

Are means like Aries and Dart still (if they ever were ...) credible?

But above all, are tanks or tracked vehicles still needed?

We talked about it on Wednesday 17 at 21.00, live, with the commander of the 132nd armored brigade "Ariete", gen. b. Roberto Banci.

Photo: US Army