ON AIR Defense: "Ukrainian crisis: will war break out or has it already begun? Big bluff or big risk?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Dear readers, by popular demand, the weekly live in-depth event "Defense ON AIR" starts again.

For 2022 we will have many surprises, starting with a monthly appointment dedicated to geopolitics.

In the episode live di Wednesday 2 February at 21.00 pm we will deal with a crisis that for weeks has occupied the front pages of all the media and resembles an inevitable race towards the abyss. Wishing to calm the minds we want to underline a practical aspect: there is no possibility that a war will start ... the conflict is already underway!

But who are the players on the pitch?

When it comes to war, what are the dimensions and grounds of confrontation?

Are there already won or lost battles?

Will the word inevitably pass to arms?

We will find out soon, together with a general with a long experience (also in the NATO context) and other guests (also in connection from one of the hotspots).

We look forward to seeing you, along with your unmissable and welcome questions!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD