ON AIR Defense: Bala Murghab "the forgotten battle"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Italy is the country of ceremonies and rhetoric. Politically, it is always easy to celebrate facts and military courage after a century, much less to have the guts to recognize them in real time. The memory of military events in Italian history is (almost) always precise: as long as it is not recent.

The Italian defense has also received undeserved blame for the unexpected conclusion of the twenty-year Afghan commitment. As in any drama, however, there is a positive side: the unavoidable eunuch vice of disguising our soldiers as NGO operators has suddenly lost the ground under their feet. There are no more complaints to be put in place in a vanished operational theater ...

12 years ago a real "Battle" took place in Afghanistan: we faced 500 enemies who wished to fight us, fought, won and ... continued to resist!

We will tell it Wednesday 15 December at 21.00 pm live in a new episode of ON AIR defense (Facebook and Youtube channels of the newspaper).

We do not want to do it just to give just credit to those who took part in it ... We do it so that, one day, whoever will be sent on a mission under the aegis of the national tricolor, can carry out their duty in the light of the sun and with the political and moral support of fellow citizens. A prerequisite for any ultimate military success.