ON AIR Defense: Afghanistan and "Escape from Kabul"

(To Andrea Cucco)

With four missions in Afghanistan - between 11 September and 2016 - General Giorgio Battisti is one of the most trained officers in the Asian country.

His voice - critical - immediately appeared among the most competent when his retirement was announced in the spring.

Some Italians already seem to want to forget the twenty-year experience but it must not and must never happen: the different missions were a success on the military level and test bed or development of many capabilities now available and "tested".

The withdrawal from Afghanistan then lends itself, after months, to easy and sometimes crude public evaluations.

General Battisti and the journalist Germana Zuffanti presented the book a few days ago "Escape from Kabul. The return of the Taliban to Afghanistan".

We met them live Wednesday 17 November at 21.00 pm to get their point of view.

Photo: US Army