From 09.10 AM live broadcast of the ALARM “Earth Forces: tomorrow is already here. THE URGENCY of modernization "


The Army Studies Center (CSE), the reference Think Tank of the Terrestrial Component, launches an alarm tomorrow with the round table “Earth Forces: tomorrow is already here. THE URGENCY of modernization ".

"The national terrestrial component, faced with new challenges and threats, needs to accelerate and strengthen the modernization process in all its components. To focus attention on this important issue, we organized the round table on Tuesday 5 July with the participation of representatives of institutions, experts in the defense sector and industry. It is therefore an in-depth event but at the same time informative of interest for all Italian citizens. With the war in Europe, you can no longer ask the Army to be ready without adequate means and materials in terms of quantity and technological level. "

With the aforementioned words, the president of the CSE (former Army Chief of Staff), General Salvatore Farina, underlines the importance of the event that will be held tomorrow Tuesday 5 July from 09.30 to 12.30 in ROME in Via di Castro Pretorio, 95 (PIO IX Logistic Complex).

The comparison will be moderated by Alfred Macchi journalist and Mediaset correspondent

Representatives of the political, industrial and academic world will participate together with the highest defense authorities.


I invite all readers to follow and appreciate the conference (live or deferred): you will rarely be able to understand singular, sometimes dramatic, aspects of an Armed Force as on this occasion. Appointment, thanks to the organizers, finally PUBLIC and not "reserved for a few" ...

Andrea Cucco (director of Online Defense)

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Photo: US Army