Countdown to ITASEC 2020

(To Francesco Rugolo)

In 2020 the city of Ancona will host the fourth edition of ITASEC, organized by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory del CINI and in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche and the University of Camerino.

The conference will take place over four days, from 4 to 7 February and will bring together experts, researchers and journalists from all over the world with the aim of discussing the hot topics related to the cyber world, including national Blockchain and AI, the perimeter National Cyber ​​Security, Golden Power and many others.

This year there will be marked interest in topics such as cybernetic diplomacy in cyberspace and gender inequality in the IT world.

The discussions will be accompanied by workshops and tutorials related to the aforementioned issues. Note the event to be held on February 4 dedicated to journalists, a tutorial that will aim to acquire knowledge on issues related to the security of sources and telecommunications in the cyber sector and a workshop on startups, AI and big data.

At the end of these two events, participants will have the opportunity to accrue 5 training credits.

Prominent cyber personalities, members of institutions, industry and many others will take turns during these four days of full immersion in the world of Italian IT security where the future will be talked about and decided.

Furthermore, during the event, the team that distinguished itself most during the last edition of will be awarded
Not only panels and workshops but also dissemination and entertainment, during the event there will be the first cyber-themed escape room where participants will aim to solve puzzles and exit a closed room following a plot designed specifically for the event.

An event not to be missed, for all those interested, registrations are open at a reduced rate until 24 January on the website

Photo: Ministry of Defense (ITASEC 19)