FAI Census of PLACES OF THE HEART: head to head until midnight! Shall we win Taranto and the Armed Forces?

(To Staff)

Today at 24.00 the online voting of the XNUMXth FAI Census of PLACES OF THE HEART closes in whose general classification, first, the special ranking of "Historic Places of Health".

Taranto and the Armed Forces with the GARDENS OF THE HOSPITAL OF THE NAVY MILITARY are currently in 1st place.

The podium is endangered by another place that received 1000 votes in one night. Amazing and sudden comebacks that the second in the standings got used to, going from 2000 votes to more than 13.000 in a few days.

A team result made by Taranto would be significant in this period of support that the Navy and the Armed Forces are giving to civil health in the Covid 19 emergency.

To win, you need online votes to hold the lead until midnight!

We vote with full spirit and act as a "great crew": we invite friends, relatives, colleagues, groups and as many people as possible to vote to honor Taranto, the Navy and the Armed Forces!

The head-to-head continues until 24.00.

Click and vote (and vote) on https://www.fondoambiente.it/luoghi/giardini-ospedale-militare?ldc