Berlin Security Conference: Guerini, necessary and increasingly effective international cooperation

(To Greater Defense)

"The complexity of the current strategic context of reference and the risks that lie ahead for security require us to develop an ability to adapt to new challenges and require us to continue with an increasingly effective international cooperation.
In this sense, a strengthened Europe, strategically united and fully complementary to NATO can and must play a key role in identifying shared solutions, also in the technological sector, which allow us to have an increasingly adequate capacity for response but also for strategic anticipation . In this framework, Italy will continue to provide its active contribution - in the context of international organizations and multilateral initiatives to which it adheres - to ensure ever greater levels of security for Europe and for Europeans "

Thus the Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, concluding his speech at the Berlin Security Conference, of which Italy this year is a partner nation, dedicated to the theme "Europe and its external challenges: an approach to 360 degrees in times of uncertainty ".

Representing Italy, in addition to Minister Guerini, were the Defense Chief of Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli, the leaders of the Armed Forces, as well as representatives of the main industries and research in the sector.

General Claudio Graziano, president of the European Union Military Committee, also spoke at the conference.

In his speech, Minister Guerini outlined the current geostrategic situation, recalling the various criticalities and threats with which Europe and allied countries must confront each other: from international terrorism which continues to constitute a widespread threat, also in relation to the gods return foreign fighters in the countries of origin, to the dangerous effects connected with climate change, which represent a further cause of destabilization, increasing the risks of humanitarian crises and aggravating the problem of migration flows. "To traditional risks - has explained - new types of asymmetric and hybrid threats have also been added, particularly insidious because they are transversal and constantly evolving ".

Hence the need for a synergistic approach, which sees Nato and the European Union as pillars of defense: "Efforts to strengthen the European Union also pass through the strategic relationship between the EU and NATO, pillars of our alliance system. The Atlantic Alliance, in particular, represents for my country the indispensable point of reference, in terms of deterrence, deterrence and defense, against any threat. At NATO, however, we firmly ask that we continue to focus our efforts in a balanced and balanced manner, with respect to all its primary tasks and all strategic directions, with an authentic approach to 360 " he added.

The minister also pointed out that Europe's security is intrinsically linked to the security and stability of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean.

"The increased awareness that the Mediterranean area needs participatory security must also be translated into the capacity to put the efforts put in place within the UN, the EU and NATO into a system, and to enhance multilateral experiences" the minister explained, citing the 5 + 5 Defense Initiative - but also ADRION and DECI in the Balkan region - which have proven to be an effective strategic partnership tool.

On the sidelines of the conference, Minister Guerini met his German colleague, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Interview focused on common intentions to strengthen European Defense and complementarity in relations between NATO and the European Union.