Appointment with Online Defense in Milan at the 13 November Safety Fair!

(To Staff)

Defense Online this year, for the first time, participates in the Milan Security Fair: three days of exhibitions, training, events, meetings with companies and organizations that deal with security.

The event will be held from 13 to November 15.

There will be an exhibition, training and information area totally dedicated to Cyber ​​Security.
Target? Help companies and organizations understand the risks we face in today's hyper-connected digital world.
Thanks to those who contributed to the creation of the Cyber ​​Arena, International Business-Milan Media Fair, Italian Association of Corporate Security Professionals (AIPSA) and National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers (ANRA).

We will be present with two speeches on the afternoon of the first day (Wednesday 13 November), in the Cyber ​​Arena in Hall 5.

At 15.15 pm Carlo Mauceli will explain the Cloud and how it can be thought to improve safety. Relying on large organizations that manage the cloud with highly specialized personnel is an increasingly sought-after choice that requires awareness and foresight.

At 16.00 Alessandro Rugolo will talk to us about Advanced Persistent Threath and possible future scenarios. From classical warfare to cyber warfare, to the use of the cyber dimension to influence the world around us, to hit physical targets, to collect data and information, to the use of Artificial Intelligence and robots on the battlefield.

Carlo and Alessandro will not be alone, in fact there will be several friends and collaborators of the magazine who will animate the interventions completing them with different points of view and points of view.

For all three days Online Defense will be present at the Security Fair with a stand to meet readers and explain the project that, in the last year alone, has recorded almost 9 million pages consulted and 3 millions of readers.

Come and visit us, the future has already arrived!