The eighth edition of SeaFuture is open! (video)

(To Seafuture)

SeaFuture has officially begun: the opening ceremony was held this morning in the Arsenale della Spezia, the ribbon cutting kicked off the event which will last until 8 June.

The mayor of La Spezia Pierluigi Peracchini was the first to intervene with institutional greetings, underlining the relationship between SeaFuture and the city: “The excellences of La Spezia are exclusivity that have no equal in Europe and in the Mediterranean area; diving is an example of this, but in our past we count many inventions such as the hyperbaric chamber. Today we host consolidated realities linked to fundamental challenges for our future. We are a city that brings together different experiences and with shared goals. A city in a development process that can offer great opportunities. La Spezia - concludes the mayor - can in a concrete way be the capital of the navy in the Mediterranean".

SeaFuture is now a point of reference for companies and for Navies from all over the world, an exchange and dialogue capable of attracting investors and capital to our territory.

The CEO of Italian Blue Growth Cristiana Pagni thanked all the supporters and companies that have chosen to participate: "The sea is our first resource, it produces 25% of our GDP, Italy is a hub on the Mediterranean with a strategic geopolitical role of which it is not yet fully aware - continues Pagni - It is the gateway to the Europe and a strategic bridge with the East. SeaFuture is one of those qualified and qualifying events to consolidate our country in the Mediterranean. This event aims to enhance the various aspects of the Blue Economy, the sea at 360 degrees: from shipbuilding to Marine technologies, cyber security, energy transition, artificial intelligence and much more; it is an event of meeting and discussion, but above all of planning.”

The synergy relationship with the Navy allows us to have support and a great capacity for intervention on an international level.

The Chief of Staff of the Navy Enrico Credendino took the opportunity to recall the diplomatic role of the Navy: “La Spezia is unimaginable without the Navy, in this edition of SeaFuture we have a total of 76 international delegations. At the moment we have 11 ships operating outside the Mediterranean, the Vespucci will also have an ambassadorial role in the two years of navigation during which she will touch 29 countries and 5 continents, covering over 40 nautical miles. It will be an opportunity to spread Italian culture around the world.”

The strategic position of La Spezia and its tradition linked to the Navy have allowed a particular development in our territory of companies linked to the Defense, making La Spezia a point of reference for the sector.

The president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti expressed his support for the event and wanted to highlight its importance in the contemporary world: “The times suggest to everyone that if we live in a continent where fortunately we enjoy so many individual and collective rights, it is because someone fought in the past to obtain them, but also because someone fights and defends them every day for those rights. I think there shouldn't be that veil of reticence that I sometimes feel when I say that we want an ever stronger defense sector."

Defense Minister Hon. Guido Crosetto retraced some stages in the history of the relationship between the sea and the country: “The future of the Arsenale is linked to its past: for years this has been a flagship, not only for the Navy; in fact we have put together a team to aim this Arsenale in the future, because we want it to be an Italian model of efficiency, technology and research; they are not a point of reference for Liguria, but for Italy and Europe. The world is less secure than a few years ago, which is why Italy tries to play a role of mediator, remaining faithful to the Atlantic pact and operating in the long term."