Seafuture 2021 kicks off

(To Gino Lanzara)

At the naval base of the Navy of La Spezia the 7a edition of Seafuture “See innovation Exhibition & Business Convention”.

The ribbon cutting took place in the presence of the Minister of Defense Hon. Lorenzo Guerini, the chief of staff of the Navy, admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, the organizer of the event Cristiana Pagni, the prefect of La Spezia dr.ssa Maria Luisa Inversini, the mayor of the city of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini, and others civil and military authorities.

The president of IBG srl, Dr. Cristiana Pagni, stated: “An edition that is confirmed to be of the highest level despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. In the end, the hopes fueled by tenacity won, SEAFUTURE 2021 is reality! The historical moment is of vital importance for the country system as never in history has it been able to benefit from funding of such magnitude that can extensively redesign the social, economic and entrepreneurial face of Italy. "

“SEAFUTURE is the right catalyst for the Blue economy. The large participation of the navies of the allied countries, friends and companies representing the maritime cluster makes me proud and proud. Cooperation based on a holistic approach to the conception of maritimeity: an inter-ministerial, inter-agency and interdicasterial approach that will make it possible to face the new challenges due to the metamorphosis in the paradigm of international relations. Today's participation, at such a large international level, is proof of this " Admiral Cavo Dragone declared.

The opening ceremony was crowned with a launch of COMSUBIN raiders.

Good vision!

Images: Online Defense