9 November: over 500 athletes from all over Italy will face the polygons where the Navy raiders and divers are practicing

(To Comsubin)

On Saturday 9 November 2019 will take place in Comsubin and in the territory of the municipality of Porto Venere an important sporting event, which will attract hundreds of athletes from all over Italy, and which will be developed in the areas where the Navy Incursors and Diver are trained.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Porto Venere and the Original Gramm and Italian Balde Amateur Associations, the historic base of Varignano and the fort of Muzzerone will be the epicenter of the Black Caiman Operation event, characterized by two demanding competitions: one belonging to the racing circuit OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and an endurance type, open to only 70 people determined to try 6 hours of pure adrenaline.

This event will be a unique opportunity to face the 20 obstacles distributed along the route of the OCR race, supported by the operators of the Special Forces and the Underwater Department of Comsubin.

The athletes who will follow each other in the different batteries of the OCR race and the 7 teams of the endurance event will thus experience the feeling of being part, for one day, of the Submarine Command and Incursors of the Navy.