June 5th at 21.00pm "The Longest Day: heroes, strategies and secrets behind Operation Overlord"


In 1944, the world witnessed the opening of the "Western Front" with the operation Overlord, one of the most significant and complex clashes of the Second World War.

The Normandy landings were not only a demonstration of military strength, but also the culmination of a synergy between military strategy, intelligence and meticulous preparation. This operation not only had the objective of liberating Europe from the Nazi grip, but also of preventing the extension of the conflict and the further development of weapons of mass destruction by Hitler.

Il 6 June 1944, known as the "longest day", will become a symbol in contemporary history.

What were the main technical and logistical challenges that the Allies had to overcome to cross the Atlantic Wall?

What lessons can be learned today from Operation Overlord in terms of international cooperation and strategic planning?

We will discuss it Wednesday 5 June at 21.00 pm with the author of the book "The Normandy landings. D-day. The longest day", ambassador Domenico Vecchioni.

See you there!