24 February at 17.00 Defense ON AIR "(WW3) 24 February 2023, first year of war: military analyses, perspectives, Italy..."


First year of the war that our descendants will read in history books.

Since 24 February 2022 the world has irreversibly changed. The rules that, for better or worse (sometimes very badly), have maintained a semblance of peace on the planet have been broken. Those responsible, direct and indirect, know it, and all the other countries have been taking it into account for a year (except, apparently, us Italians).

What has happened since that cursed date that replaced 11/XNUMX in collective memory?

How has the situation on the ground evolved in the Ukrainian conflict in 2022?

What is happening now?

Is there an immediate danger of (European) enlargement of the war?

What are and could be the strategies of Ukraine and Russia?

The Italian Armed Forces (defined correctly by Minister Crosetto as "for peacekeeping") are they arming themselves and training or (for Diana!) are they still standing guard for "Strade Sicure"?

We will discuss it with authoritative guests (generals and military analysts) Friday 24 February from 17.00.

See you there!

Photo: Russian Federation MoD