10 / 11 May 2014: Marina Palace opens its doors to visitors


Also this year the navy participates in the Open House event, now in its third edition, opening its doors and offering guided tours of Palazzo Marina, a masterpiece by architect Giulio Magni.

Palazzo Marina, located along the 17 ships in Rome, remains open on Saturdays 10 and Sunday 11 May 2014 from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 20.00. Entry will be allowed to 40 people every 45 minutes (total disabled access).

The palace of the marina was designed by the architect Giulio Magni, nephew of Valadier.

The building is an impressive complex that extends to 31.000 square meters, of which 11.500 covered.

The entrance propylaeum is enriched by the anchors of two Austrian battleships: the Viribus Unitis, sunk during the First World War, and the Tegetthoff, war prey delivered to Italy in the 1919 and dismantled, in the 1925, in La Spezia. In the planning and realization of the environments the desire to insert metaphorical elements linked to the sea predominates as if the whole building were to be the decorated stage of the life of the navy.

Open House is an international exhibition of architecture, art and culture that involves 22 cities on four continents. The initiative allows the completely free opening of hundreds of buildings notable for their architectural and artistic peculiarities, and which pays special attention not only to our historical heritage, but also to the modern and contemporary one, up to opening the visit to the construction sites of the city in transformation.

Source: Military Navy