A mayor in a "black shirt"

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

In these days the mayor of Pennabilli, a small town in the province of Rimini, Mauro Giannini, has risen to the honors of the local news, for his comments on social media very little politically correct, to put it mildly.

The post written on his Facebook profile, on September 30th, was a farewell act addressed to his past life and, at the same time, a thank you for what he has had and lived up to now. Obviously, to the efficient censorship of the social network, these utterances must not be liked as immediately after the publication of the post Giannini's profile was blocked ...

It must be said that Mauro Giannini is certainly not a mayor like the others. Giannini until 30 September was a soldier of the Italian Army, who spent the first part of his military career as a raider of the 9th Assault Regiment With Moschin. From operator of Nono he participated in missions in Iraq in 1991 (operation Airone) and with the 183rd Paratroopers Regiment nimbus of the Folgore in Somalia in 1992-93 (Ibis operation). During this last mission, in the fighting of 2 July 1993 al check point Pasta the second lieutenant fell in Mogadishu Andrea Millevoi of the 8th Rgt Lancers of Montebello, the incursor sergeant major Stefano Paolicchi of the 9th Reg Collar Moschin and the paratrooper Pasquale Baccaro of the 186 ° Paratroopers Regiment thunderbolt: it was the first pitched battle of the Italian Army since the end of the Second World War. Subsequently Giannini passed through the 7th rgt AvEs Vega of the aircraft brigade Friuli, where he finished his career last month.

So Mauro Giannini has held the position of mayor of the Municipality of Pennabilli since he wore the uniform, and precisely in respect of the military institution, he has always refused to receive the salary he was entitled to (Giannini has held the position since 2016).

Below is the post by Giannini, whose contents were judged not in line with the ethics (!) Of Facebook.


It seems to me yesterday when, still without a trace of beard, I left as a volunteer to enlist in the paratroopers' assault units. It was a cold March morning, from the train window I was observing a city still asleep when, all of a sudden, a shiver assailed me; I realized that a phase of my life was over, the time to run with friends behind a ball was over, the time to run with friends after girls was over. The thundering voice of the Holy Fatherland and the call of the Male Youth were deafening, it could not be otherwise for a boy grown up with the myth of the warrior, with the myth of the superman, with the myth of the invincible man. That's right, when I left to serve for the flag, I only had a creed and a black shirt.

I have always had a great love for Italy, but for that true Italy, the Italy of the Piave, the Italy of Vittorio Veneto, the Italy of those who have not betrayed. Unfortunately God did not give me the privilege of dying in combat, but he gave me the joy of starting a family, he endowed me with a courage but above all with an honesty that has always allowed me to say what I think calmly, he impressed me. that altruism that allows me to help anyone in need, because, it will seem strange, I also know how to love; that's why I have so many people who love me.

Now a thousand thoughts crowd my mind, how many memories! How many emotions are intertwined, how many feelings! Today I cried, alone, in my silence. But it is not a cry of happiness; taking off my uniform is like taking the stars out of the sky. I thank the Italian Army, in particular the IX "Col Moschin" Assault Department, which gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams and above all that, with that order and discipline that would also be needed in civil society, is managed to restrain my irrepressible exuberance and to appease my impetuous spirit. I hope my dad is proud of me and I hope he can have repaid him for all the worries that bloodthirsty young rebel gave him.

My thoughts go out to all my comrades who have fallen and are present, with whom I have shared bread and death; I will always carry you in my heart. I return the uniform, but I will never lay down my arms; I will always be ready to shed my blood for the Divine Homeland. W ITALY.

In a recent interview with the newspaper il Resto del Carlino, when asked if he was a fascist, Giannini replied that "I was born with a black shirt and I will die with a black shirt". Imagine the arrows of the so-called progressive parties. It is good to remember that the Italian Constitution prohibits the reconstitution of the PNF and the apology of Fascism, it does not prohibit a citizen from sympathizing with Fascism.

An implicit reference to fascism (and this certainly does not constitute a crime) but in his post Giannini talks about Patri values, such as courage, self-denial, love for Italy: are these values ​​that belong to Fascism? Then all Italian patriots are fascists.

Mayor Giannini should be judged for how he administers his municipality, not for what kind of garment he wears metaphorically. In Italy we have had and still have thousands of local administrators who have always publicly professed their anti-fascism only to end up convicted of embezzlement, extortion, corruption and other crimes against property.

At this point we could ask ourselves a question: is it necessary in Italy to be an anti-fascist if one still fulfills one's duty in compliance with the Republican Constitution?

Photo: facebook (before censorship)

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