"Roberta Pinotti": the swan's rattle?

(To Andrea Cucco)

US and NATO portals have published Christmas greetings from soldiers - including Italians - on missions around the globe. It is pleasant to note that elsewhere the work of our boys is held in sincere consideration and a party like the Holy Christmas celebrated spontaneously.

Then I visit the Italian Defense website. So I count on the opening page that are not our soldiers to send greetings at home but the institutional leaders to make them: in particular a certain "Roberta Pinotti" and Mattarella.

Mattarella is the president of the republic, you know, however, that name ... "Roberta Pinotti" is not new to me. Taking advantage of the greetings I call a colleague. He explains that "Roberta Pinotti" is our ... Minister of Defense!

In fact, just go back a few months (see below) in the communication policy del portale difesa.it to find out that, who was almost regularly defined as "minister" in every press release, is now (for good three times in the home page of Defense) called "Roberta Pinotti".

Looking at the calendar I realize that the elections are approaching. The colleague who is clearly an electoral move: what was for years a clumsily used toy (story of the navy riflemen, white paper, Libyan disaster, etc ...) could represent today an interesting pool of votes for the next suffrage .

I have too much esteem for Italian institutions and I refuse to believe that a minister of the republic can abuse his office for personal, even electoral, personal returns. However I can not look away from that Home Page... by all those "Roberta Pinotti".

Replico, a bit 'stunned, al - "Roberta Pinotti" - colleague that his - "Roberta Pinotti" - are nonsense and that - "Roberta Pinotti" - to think badly - "Roberta Pinotti" - commits a sin.

As proof of my thesis - "Roberta Pinotti" - I invite you to follow the Home Page of the Ministry of the - "Roberta Pinotti" - Defense back in time (see below).

In fact - "Roberta Pinotti" - at the time of the previous ministers - "Roberta Pinotti" - spoke of defense minister ... A clear prevalence had then the news - "Roberta Pinotti" - on the military. I object that, with the due - "Roberta Pinotti" - measures, already the Minister Mauro had slapped his photo in Home - "Roberta Pinotti" - Page... But the colleague points out to me that at the time of - "Roberta Pinotti" - Minister Di Paola the top position did not stifle the information of - "Roberta Pinotti" - Defense.

I open the profile on wikipedia - "Roberta Pinotti" - of the Italian defense minister Roberta Pinotti and I realize that she is a great good - "Roberta Pinotti" - person. He also received - "Roberta Pinotti" - an honor (from the underlings). In the face of all that paper - "Roberta Pinotti" - electronics that is - "Roberta Pinotti" - allowed to move criticism in recent years.

I end the Christmas call - "Roberta Pinotti" - annoyed and I observe - "Roberta Pinotti" - the calendar of 2018 ...

Who - "Roberta Pinotti" - will vote - "Roberta Pinotti" - alle - "Roberta Pinotti" - next - "Roberta Pinotti" - elections?

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