MIASIT: change of command in Libya, yet another disgrace to Italy

(To Andrea Cucco)

The new commander of the MIASIT mission and the related support staff will reach Libya but they were not allowed to land on a military flight, will have to arrive in Tripoli with a civil airliner from the Istanbul…

After the proclamations that boasted "Afghan successes" linked to the (late) evacuation of thousands of refugees (in fact thanks to the Defense operational machine), we had almost forgotten the consequences of the near-zero respect that our political leaders collect at abroad.

After the long and shameful denial of visas for hundreds of soldiers stationed in Libya (v.articolo) he had seen - after four months! - the owners of the Farnesina and Via XX Settembre congratulate each other on the solution of the impasse (v.articolo) thanks to a "Fruitful institutional synergy, first of all with the Libyan authorities", we are humiliated again.

Soldiers from the mission take turns Bilateral assistance and support mission in Libya (MIASIT) with a civilian flight from Turkey, A country clearly ("rightly", given the history) enemy of our national interests which evidently "suggests" constant diplomatic hostility towards Italy.

Has what happened this year taught the ministers Guerini and Di Maio anything? Will the "position" of national foreign policy ever increase by a few dozen degrees?

Given the new block of supplies at the port of Misrata intended for our men and women, at the moment, the answer can only be negative.

Photo: Ministry of Defense